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The Fortune Wheel Seafood Restaurant, Levittown

May 1, 2018 Comments Off on The Fortune Wheel Seafood Restaurant, Levittown

“The King and Mee’s”

I should state I got diverted searching for the eatery today around evening time. It was concealed directly past BJ’s Warehouse (reward Jew Appeal focuses!). I needed to call my sibling, Yong Joo (who better to request bearings that the sibling we warmly call “The Wandering Joo”?), and he instructed me to look past BJ’s (it is difficult in some cases continually having my Jew on sniffing out deals!), and the passage was to be found:

Fortune Wheel Seafood Restaurant

3601 Hempstead Tpke #28

Levittown, NY 11756

Believe me, it is barely noticeable! Search for the BJ’s, maintain a strategic distance from every one of the people on foot crossing the street to the parking area, and discover a parking space when you pass BJ’s.

You stroll in and you feel you’ve entered a Chinese eatery from the 1960’s (and I think some about the enrichments, tables, and so forth., haven’t been refreshed from that point forward (and neither has the lavatory!). Yet, we didn’t seek the style, we came to be engaged. With fine sustenance. We were engaged. Predominantly by our server, who when asked his name said it was “Above all else”. He really was the Master of his Domain (and the eatery). We had requested the Owner (who was sitting discretely close to the back, for her proposals on what to eat. In any case, the King instructed us to “disregard her, I reveal to you what’s great and so forth. You’ll eat what I serve you” (I may have misquoted him a small, yet not Mee, bit).

No extra ribs! This was an issue. THAT was the one staple that we’ve used to look at all eateries against each other. As the King stated, this is a REAL Chinese eatery. No ribs for you! Rather we were served a duck dish (Ed. Note: Mee Tsu Yan will compose broad audit on every one of the dishes that we were served tonight. Search for it this coming weekend)… all minced up joined with something I don’t have the foggiest idea, served on a lettuce leaf. I was inspired. It was exceptionally top notch and not oily!

The eatery is known for it’s Dim Sum. With the goal that’s what we had as our second tidbit. Nine pieces. Shrimp and furthermore pork. It didn’t do anything for me. I was hoping to be overwhelmed with flavor, and astonishment. I got not one or the other. I’ve had Dim Sum before where within the dumpling was a soup. Sort of like spruce up gum. In any case, this was better for your teeth and your paunch.

Our last course before the dishes was soup. Three servings of exceptional wonton soup, and one for our non-red meat eating Mee, V. Stoogas. The soup, as I would see it, was a “no”. The wonton was worthy, the “stock” unpalatable. Helped me to remember egg drop soup. On the off chance that that is your thing, this is your soup. Next time, no soup for this Mee.

Four courses were served. My most loved was the scallops with an exceptionally firm green bean. Astounding! Two cleave sticks up!

Different dishes were chicken (top notch), shrimp with broiled noodles (the shrimp was fine; the noodles a miss), and a meal pork dish (Mee Yan Tsu will detail the correct names, and so forth.). The meal pork was my second most loved dish.

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